Hey, we are the people behind uptraded.

We are young social entrepreneurs – but it’s not our goal to tell you that mainstream fashion is bad for the planet or that secondhand is a more conscious choice – because let’s face it: You already know that.

We want to show you something else instead: Doing the right thing can be so much fun!

We love fashion, but we also care deeply about everyone who’s affected by it – directly, through unfair working conditions or indirectly, through environmental destruction. That’s why we strive to create a fashion-experience that’s eco-friendly, fair and most importantly fun for everyone. 

We focus on positivity and creative solutions. Powered by our passion, we designed our app to be as soothing as retail therapy and as exciting as online dating.

All based on the long-forgotten concept of swapping: It’s moneysaving, good for the planet, and with the uptraded-app it’s timesaving as well. Now, that makes conventional shopping seem a little old-fashioned, doesn’t it?

This is how it all began

People have been bartering for thousands of years, but without the digital possibilities we have today. 

That’s why we decided to bring swapping back to life through a contemporary solution:

We applied everything we love about app usability to the promising concept of circular fashion.

This is what we dream of

Uptraded fights for a world where fashion-consumption and environmental activism are not mutually exclusive. A world where updating one’s style does not come at the expense of the planet.

A world where self-expression through fashion is possible without a guilty conscience, where swapping is a smooth process with lots of community spirit.

Dreams come true

We strive to make secondhand mainstream and eventually outgrow fast fashion.

Let’s be honest: The last thing the World needs right now is more clothes.

We want to empower our climate-conscious generation to enjoy fashion without feeling guilty. And we believe that every lasting sustainable impact needs a sense of ease, joy, and passion. 

Anna Greil

CEO and Founder

Kayla De Leon

Marketing Manager

Oi Leng Cheong

Product Manager

Alex Lovinger-Pountain

Product Marketing Manager

Michael Mösl

Frontend Lead