Love has no price tag – just like your new uptraded item.

Tinder for clothes

Uptraded is a swipe & match clothing exchange app for fashionable diversity without a guilty conscience – towards the environment and your wallet.

More than 15,000 garments and accessories are waiting for you.

Here’s how it works:

Clean out and upload.

Go through your closet again. Sort out the garments you want to uptrade and upload each piece to your digital closet.

Join the swipe hype.

Have you moved everything into your digital closet? Perfect, then click on the uptraded icon at the bottom of the app. This way you can swipe through the clothes of the others. If you like something, swipe to the right. If not – to the left.

Every Fit is a Hit.

If you like something and the other person likes something of yours, then you have a fit. Now you can chat with each other and arrange an uptrade. Easy-breezy.