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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Maybe it’s time to swap it up!

Uptraded app

Swiping & Swapping

Imagine an app that makes updating your wardrobe easy, fun and super affordable. No negotiating, no worries about breaking your budget! All while doing the environment a favor.

Actually, we recently built such an app. It’s called uptraded.

More than 10.000 Items are waiting for you.

This is how it works:

Clear out and upload.

How to get started with our app: Sort out the clothes you want to uptrade and upload each piece to your digital wardrobe.

Join the swipe hype.

Have you filled your digital wardrobe? Let’s head over to the showroom: Here you can browse through all the pieces that have been uploaded by the uptraded community. If you like something, swipe to the right. If not – to the left.

Every fit is a hit.

A mutual swipe to the right with another uptraded member means: You two have a fit. Now you can meet in the chat and arrange the swap. Just like dating – but without the heartbreak!


swap-event near you.  

Our app

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